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As we celebrate 20 years in business, we are introducing management tools such as SMS and BSC to reinvigorate our corporate values and pave the way for implementing the 5th five-year business plan. This will lead to a new chapter in our story of building an excellent enterprise.
Our Mission 
To Enhance the Quality of Life with Expertise and Lead a Better Future with Innovation
Our Vision
To Build a World-class Enterprise with Global Brands
Our Core Value
Responsibility, Synergy, Innovation, Shared-Prosperity
Responsibility calls for being responsible for the society, for customers, for employees, and for oneself. In this new historical era, we must cultivate strong sense of responsibility with clearly defined authority. Responsibility and exercise of power must be combined in ways that enable employees to achieve self realization and potentials and to create necessary conditions for successful execution of strategy.
Synergy refers to cooperative action with society, with customers, with colleagues and with team members who work hand in hand towards the same goal. Synergy and focus are equally important. Businesses that advocate and achieve synergy are favored to turn blueprints to reality.
Innovation exists in science and technology, management and strategies. In all fields that have previous successes, we need a questioning mind and search for improvement. Innovation injects vitality and competitiveness into a business. Innovation makes a colorful world with infinite potentials.
Shared-Prosperity means “win-win” for society, and for customers. The value of a business rests with the value of its customer. In the era of shared prosperity, employees benefit from the growth of the business. Even competitors will benefit from healthy competition that in turn will stimulate further development. Shared-Prosperity leads to a better and more peaceful world.


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