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Our employees are the most important asset for the business development of Markor. Markor and its innovated incentives as well as industry leading compensations have made Markor more attractive to a worldwide galley of talent.


At Markor, we believe in an employee first policy and aim to achieve sustainable development through cultivating both employee and the organization. Inspired by our core values of "Responsibility, Synergy, Innovation, and Shared-Prosperity”, employees at all levels will have the opportunity to unleash their potentials and achieve a higher self worth. Scientific HR mechanisms create a platform for talent selection and cultivation. With this platform, our employees can advance their careers with foreseeable career planning aided by Markors’ intensive training systems which create a favorable environment for their career development.


Human-based and Standardized Management has manifested the dedication to Markors’ employees. These dedications leads to the development of the leisure and entertainment facilities which allows the employee to de-stress and be fully relaxed after a long day at work. At Markor our employees experience the warmth of family and home.


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